Closures and forecasts

Closures to traffic

The tunnel is closed periodically to allow safety drills or maintenance work to be carried out. Normally, such closures take place during the night. Prior warning of these closures is given in the press, in material distributed at the toll booths, on the Tunnel website and the TMB Mobility app.
Additionally, during some periods of the year, alternating one-way traffic is put into effect for programmed maintenance work, in accordance with the calendar published in advance.

Traffic forecasts

Traffic forecast are based on historical data, and considering a regular traffic, without any event causing temporary traffic closure, or traffic slowing down due to external factor (ex. police border controls). They are given as an indication.
Select direction and month
Smooth flowing traffic
High traffic (estimated waiting time more than 30')
Very high traffic (waiting time more than 1 hour)
Critical traffic (estimated waiting time more than 2 hours)
Tunnel closed to traffic of all vehicles (maintenance works or safety drills)
Alternating one-way traffic
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