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Important projects and works

Renewing two sections of road deck, a civil engineering challenge that continues in 2021, in the service of safety

In 2021 two sections of road deck for a total of 1,136 linear metres of the Mont Blanc Tunnel will be renewed. The two segments are upstream and downstream of the area renewed in 2018 (which spanned 555 metres) and amount to a little less than 10% of the total length of the tunnel.
In order to preserve a communication route that is strategic for the local economy and that of Europe, an innovative work method has been developed that will allow the work to be done mainly during the night and to reopen the infrastructure every morning, thereby guaranteeing the safety of worksite personnel and tunnel users.
The 1,136-metre road surface will be gradually repaired, night after night, by two worksites and three gantry cranes operating at the same time, one on each side of the Tunnel, completing 45 metres each night (15 metres per gantry crane).
This method will limit the number of nights during which traffic is interrupted to 26, plus 1 Sunday morning when the work begins and 4 extended interruptions (of 30 hours and 30 minutes each) at the end of the undertaking (for a total of 408 hours).
The images below refer to the work carried out in 2018.
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